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Whelped: May 20, 2014; 8 Labrador Retriever Puppies; 5 Males and 3 Females

Dam: HR Orion’s Bold Huntress
AKC Reg. No.: SR55817903
D.O.B.: April 17, 2009
Penn Hip: 80th Percentile (.34/.36 DI)
OFA Elbows: LR-EL58109F46-VPI; Normal
OFA Eyes: LR-EYE550/45F-VPI; Normal
EIC: LR-EIC1904/34F-VPI: Clear
CNM: LR-CNM427/34F-VPI: Clear
prcd-PRA: Clear by Parentage
RD/OSD: Clear by Parentage
Sire: Torg’s Hunting Memories SH

AKC Reg. No.: SR65215804
D.O.B.: Oct. 29, 2010
OFA Hips: LR-200581G24M-VPI; Good
OFA Elbows: LR-EL56741M24-VPI;
Cerf: LR-376833; Normal
EIC: D13-010144; Clear
CNM: 40575; Clear


2013 Puppy Info


In the early morning hours of May 20th Tess blessed us with a litter of wonderful Lab puppies to help us celebrate the 20th anniversary of our first litter of puppies and our 28th year in the breed! Of the five males, four are yellow and one is black. The three females include two black and one yellow.

The sire of the litter, Tanner (Torgs Hunting Memories), is a very handsome well built fox red yellow Lab. His pedigree is outstanding, having been sired by FC AFC Gunstock's Topshelf Snap Decision out of a daughter of FC AFC CAFC Money Talks II. You can find additional information about Tanner, including his health clearances, pedigree, and pictures at: http://www.torgslabs.com/Tanner.htm.

The puppies mother, Tess (Orion's Bold Huntress), is a very good looking Lab with a beautiful head and soundly built body. Shes very athletic, has great stamina in the field, and is a proven producer of exceptional puppies. For more information about Tess, including her health clearances, pedigree, and pictures go to: http://www.orionlabradors.com/Huntress.php.

Both parents have passed physical screenings of their Hips, Eyes, and Elbows; and are tested clear of deleterious genes for EIC and CNM. Plus, Tess is clear by parentage for prcd-PRA and RD/OSD. And if physical conformation and good looks are important to you, this breeding will produce some of the best looking field-bred Labs pups around, plus they should inherit all of the talent needed to excel in the field.

What more could you want? Both parents are talented, healthy, physically sound, beautiful, Labrador retrievers. Well, that only begins to describe this duo! The icing on the cake is their temperaments. Both are mellow reserved dogs who display a common sense attitude that isn’t so common these days. Tess is a gentle affectionate dog who likes to sit calmly on my lap and snuggle. Tanner has an outstanding personality and is a calm sensible companion.

The puppies will enjoy the best care available. They will receive Early Neurological Stimulation, will be de-wormed, have their first vaccinations, and will be weaned onto Orijen Large Breed Puppy food. They will be exposed to a variety of auditory stimuli, including the Master’s Voice Gundog Conditioning System. They will be introduced to water and pheasant wings and their eyes will be examined by a veterinary ophthalmologist to insure they have no congenital eye defects.

Each puppy is priced at $1,000 with a $200 deposit required to hold your puppy. Selections will be made in the order deposits are received. The puppies will be available in mid-July. If you are interested in a Labrador puppy nurtured in an enriching environment from parents with the rare combination of physical soundness, ability in the field, health, beauty, and temperament please contact me.

Orion Puppy Care

Superior nutrition for the dam and her pups is essential to insure that they are able to express their full genetic potential, so our mothers and puppies are nourished with Orijen dog food. I believe it is the best quality commercial dry dog food available. It is expensive, but your puppy only grows up once! I believe he deserves an opportunity to be all he can be.

Proper socialization and environmental enrichment is important in raising puppies. When young puppies are exposed to a variety of people and new stimuli they more readily adapt to new experiences they encounter when they are grown. One tool I use expose the puppies to new sounds is a CD entitled “Puppy Socialization Sounds”. Another is “Master’s Voice Gundog Conditioning System” which gradually conditions puppies to the sound of gunfire. I also spend a great deal of time interacting with my puppies on a daily basis and I recruit children and adults of all ages, shapes, and sizes to visit my kennel when the pups are ready for socializing. I provide a variety of toys for them to play with and we allow the pups to frolic in the yard. My flower beds may look weedy to most people, but to a puppy they are a wilderness that’s just his size; a place to explore where discovery and adventure waits behind every leaf! The great amount of time spent with each puppy and the variety of stimuli they receive helps them to become confident, well adjusted dogs when they mature.

Orion pups are treated for intestinal parasites at three, five, and seven weeks of age. The pups will also have their eyes examined by a veterinary ophthalmologist before they are sent home to ensure that they are free of congenital eye defects. When you purchase an Orion puppy you will receive a written thirty-month guarantee against hip dysplasia and hereditary eye disease. They receive their first vaccinations at seven to eight weeks of age. I recommend and follow the vaccination guidelines outlined at the following website:


In addition to providing quality nutrition, socialization, medical care, and environmental enrichment I provide our pups with “early neurological stimulation” (ENS). This series of stimuli was developed by the U.S. military for their “Bio Sensor” program which is used to produce guard dogs, bomb detection dogs, and other canines used in the military. ENS is designed to stimulate the nervous systems of neonatal pups with mild stressors. Dogs who received ENS as puppies show improved cardiovascular performance, stronger heart beats, stronger adrenal glands, a greater tolerance to stress, and greater disease resistance. Studies have also shown that dogs who received ENS performed better at certain problem solving tests than their non-stimulated mates. This is just another example of the measures I take to provide our pups with the ultimate in care, so that you can have the ultimate Labrador puppy!

Orion puppies aren’t allowed to leave their littermates until they are 8 weeks old. They learn numerous canine social lessons when interacting with their siblings which are impossible to replicate at a later time. Pups need to be with their littermates longer than seven weeks in order to acquire all of the needed canine social graces.